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Benefits of Professional

Property Image: The parking lot is the first thing that customers or visitors see at a facility. A well marked, and freshly painted parking lot is attractive and shows that the property manager or owner emphasizes detailed maintenance of the property.

Safety: Striping should direct people around the parking lot in a safe and efficient manner. Properly marked crosswalks, stop bars, and loading-zones will inform users where they should walk, and indicate to drivers where they should drive or use caution.

Equipment: Our striping is applied using an airless spray machine. You get consistent lines using these machines, with crisp edges, starts and stops. This machine applies a uniform coat of paint to the line. You should not accept striping that is applied by hand or roller using a board as a guide. These lines are inconsistent and the paint is typically applied too thick. Thick paint lines usually result in cracked asphalt along the edges of the paint line leading to premature deterioration of the asphalt.

Maintenance: Regardless of how well a lot is painted, periodic re-striping is needed to refresh the lines. The cost of this re-striping is much lower than the original job as the layout is already done.

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